Interested in working at Coca‑Cola HBC Serbia and Montenegro? Here are several facts that might interest you.

We’re recognised as a great employer

Coca‑Cola HBC is a great place to work. But dont take our word for it. Across our operations, weve been recognised as one of the best companies for which to work by Employer of Choice, Top 10 Employers, Most Desirable Employer, Best Company for Leaders and Top Choice for Gen Y.

In fact, Coca‑Cola HBC Serbia and Montenegro has been recognised as a great employer many times, including being voted "Most desirable employer 2016", in a survey conducted on the most popular job portal in Serbia, Poslovi Infostud. The survey was carried out in February and March 2016, with a sample of 10,000 people across Serbia of all ages.

We ensure our talents reach their full potential

We have tailored, highly effective fast track programmes for talent at different levels of our organisation that support our people, maximising their potential and helping them to deliver their best. Programmes like Coke Summership and Career from the Bottle mean that we discover, choose and develop new and growing talent.

We are devoted to growing our commercial capabilities

In order to provide top service, excel in our results and be competitive in the market we have a strong focus on developing our capabilities in revenue growth management, key account management, wholesaler partnership and front line sales execution. Put your learning into action with us!

Our end-to-end supply chain encourages excellence and creates cross-country career opportunities

But we do more. We’ve partnered with Accenture to develop our Supply Chain Academy and integrate core functional skills with other specialty skills and business management capabilities to help our people adapt to new challenges and opportunities. Like elite athletes who use a cross-training approach, our people are versatile and flexible – so you’ll not only succeed in the short term, you’ll also go the distance.