The info-line can help with information about:


  • Company operations
  • Product quality and pricing
  • Purchase orders
  • Product delivery
  • Obtaining cooling equipment 
  • Solving issues with refrigeration equipment
  • Current activations and promotions
  • Extending / modifying contracts
  • Financial queries

We record every answer to every customer request. We will reply to each caller individually; how we respond depends on the nature of the request.


How can I become a customer of CCHBC?

If you want to become our customer the necessary information about the terms of the Contract can be obtained from the commercials that covers the terrain where the facility is located. The number of commercial phone you can get by calling the free info line: 0800-300-302 or by sending their data to email: [email protected] that operators will answer you as soon as possible.

How do I get a valid price list?

 If you require price lists of our products, you can get them from your salespersons, inviting free info line at the phone number 0800-300-302 or by sending an email request to: [email protected]

How can I purchase goods?

The goods can be ordered only customers who have signed a Cooperation Agreement.

Goods may be obtained in three ways:

through commercials that is in charge of ground on which the customer is located
by sending a requisition to e-mail: [email protected]
calling the info line number: 0800-300-302.

How do I obtain a filling device for Coca‑Cola?

Coca‑Cola Hellenic is one of the few companies that have Tocilica offered. Due to high demand and the specifics of the product itself is preporucjivo us [email protected] poster via email or phone info line 0800-300-302 where you can obtain further information.

How to get the use of refrigeration equipment, as well as umbrellas, tables, chairs, glasses ...?

For refrigerated cabinets, awnings, umbrellas and tables, chairs, glasses and other promo material you can contact your sales representative directly.

How to solve the problem with a malfunction in the cooling equipment?

If a fault occurs in the meat freezer applying it to your sales representative or phone free info line: 0800-300-302

How to file a complaint on the quality of products / supplier

For eventual breakage during loading corresponds to the person who performs the unloading. In the case of complaints on the quality of the package is necessary to stop a discharge to the documented status of packages and execute unloading in the safest possible way.

If during the reception or unpacking of goods on the eve of any defect, a driver is already gone, you can log on to the phone number info line: 0800-300-302 or by email: [email protected] in which you specify: customer password, the number of dispatch , lack the goods and contact. If you are able, you can send photos of the goods to which you have a complaint.

Also if there is a complaint about the work of the driver during the unloading of the goods you can contact us at the above phone number info line.

Who is obliged to unload the goods on delivery?

In buildings without viljuskar driver is obliged to carry out unloading of goods, while the buildings where there viljuskar, the customer unloading the goods trucks.

In buildings where the driver unloaded the goods, is obliged to unload the goods at the place the purchaser within the warehouse / departments. It is not required to less common goods on shelves or import goods still on the receiving warehouse / departments. In buildings where the unloading is done Viljuskar driver is required to attend and assist in unloading (moving tarpaulins, poles and the like.)

How to borrow / return packaging?

The customer can borrow packaging so by contacting your sales representative, who will send the request for borrowing packaging. After the distribution reach agreement on the debt, they contact the driver in the field who borrow a buyer for the approved amount.

As regards the disbandment, it is possible that the buyer contact your sales representative who will do the authorized return on the packaging or if the small amounts concerned, a driver is required to enroll sifuru on the receipt of that article and the quantity that the customer returns.

The driver does not have the authority to hand over the goods if the buyer does not have a prepared and sorted packaging and return the correct pallet in the required number. If this happens, the driver is obliged to inform the responsible person in the Coca‑Cola and wait for further instrikcije on arrival.

How to fill a shipping label for the return of packaging?

The delivery note at the bottom of lading entered responsibilities and discharge pallets and packaging materials by type. The driver is obliged to accept all the packaging that the customer wants to return, no matter how I kind of was the delivery, if it meets quality standards. To return the goods or pallets required special order, without which the goods may not withdraw or greater number of pallets than it was at delivery.

How to properly fill the dispatch of the goods in return?

Bill of lading is a document that the customer fills in when receiving goods and their signature and seal confirms that he agrees with the delivery.

 If any of the items missing from the delivery or the customer returns, to be entered in addition to the product on the delivery note in the column "returned". It just so full delivery is acceptable in the case of complaints and corrections invoices.

All other documents to be filled in during the transfer can be completed (customer record, driver's log and the like ...) but it is necessary to enter any corrections bill of lading.

Despatch consists of 4 copies. To be completed by the first (red) a copy while all the others below it in order to map out the state of all instances. In the case of error it is necessary to seal certified corrections.

Balance in all copies of lading must be the same.

The third copy (green) remains the buyer, other instances of the driver takes the first two (red and blue) returned to Coca‑Cola in a fourth (black) reserves for itself as proof of delivery. Billing is done on the basis of the first and second (red and blue) copies, so it is essential to be properly completed with all the differences.

Which methods of payment of the goods are intended?

There are two ways of payment: prepayment and deferred.

When advance payment is required to pay the money in advance the amount for which the goods requisition. On that occasion, as the reference number on the payment slip is entered: 111111 and code of the customer.

For deferred payments, credit buyers under the contract have certain credit days, and as a call to the number entered account number / invoice to which the payment relates.

Do you sell barrels and pallets?

Coca‑Cola is a company with great effort to preserve the environment and accordingly recycle used cans and palate can not I sell barrels and palate.

Will I be able to buy refrigeration equipment, umbrellas, shelves and etc.?

Refrigeration equipment, umbrellas and other promotional material Coca Cola is not commercially available and it is not possible to buy. Customer equipment can only be obtained by signing the setting equipment.