Sustainable Customer Partnerships

Sustainable customer partnerships


It's by building sustainable partnerships that we can justify our customers' confidence and create common value.

We are a company that operates in a sustainable way. For us, it’s crucially important that at all times we respond to the expectations of our stakeholders. We take into account what is relevant to our business and for our business partners, customers, consumers and suppliers. Only in this way can we improve our own business, justify their confidence and create common value.

Our goals

  • Offer a wide range of high-quality drinks that meet the needs of our customers
  • Take into account not only legal, but also other internal and external standards when it comes to food safety
  • Provide clear and useful information about the composition and nutritional value of a product, including a declaration of calorific value on the front of the packaging
  • Create common added value by working in partnership with our customers and suppliers
  • Support initiatives that reach out to more stakeholder groups and that deal with the subject of diet, in order to promote physical activity and educate the wider community about balanced nutrition

Our commitment to quality

Our internal standards related to our responsibility for products include:

  • Quality and food safety policy
  • The Coca‑Cola Company's system of quality management
  • Global labelling policy 



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