Why Work with Coca‑Cola HBC Serbia and Montenegro?

Why work with Coca‑Cola HBC Serbia and Montenegro?


The integrity of our products means that we can always offer the highest quality and respond to the needs of both our customers and consumers. The trust they have in our products comes from our continuous investment in safety and quality.




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Focus on quality

All drinks produced by Coca‑Cola HBC Serbia and Montenegro must comply with Serbian laws. All our products also meet global quality standards: quality management system ISO 9001 and the systems of food safety management ISO 22000, PAS 220 and FSSC 22000.

From the selection of ingredients through to production and delivering products on the market, we follow our internal TCCC PEEL requirements – these are the global requirements set by The Coca‑Cola Company for quality, product safety, environmental protection and safety at work.

We carry out a range of activities, from preventive measures to monitoring, as well as internal and external control.

Very strict quality control takes place at every stage of the production process. Production begins with syrup made from concentrate or beverage base, and ends with the final products being packed in plastic, glass, cardboard boxes and cans. Ingredients and packaging materials are sourced from authorised vendors. The ingredients we use, as well as the finished products, are tested in our laboratories for quality control. In addition to the controls carried out by internal and external laboratories, Coca‑Cola occasionally performs random testing with the market in its Brussels laboratories.

Our high-quality products are a big factor in the positive feedback we receive from our customers and consumers, not only through a free info-line, but also through direct contact in the field.

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Transparency on product information

Transparency is important to us. To respond to the growing expectations of our stakeholders, we approach the subject with due diligence - we strive to provide accurate, clear and easily accessible information on all our products, setting out their composition and nutritional value. 

In accordance with our own quality and food safety policy, we specify the origin of our product ingredients (raw material); our products' composition, including substances (raw materials) that may have an impact on the environment or people; the safe use and storage of the product, as well as the impact of disposal on the environment or people.

We also educate customers about the proper use of our products through brochures and special training. Information is also available on the website and the most important information can be seen on the product label. 

In addition to complying with all local legal requirements relating to the declaration of product information, we provide guidance on daily calorie intake, or GDA (Guideline Daily Amounts) which refers to the approximate amount of calories, fat, saturated fat, total sugar, salt or sodium needed for a balanced diet for healthy adults and children. 

In 2015, Coca‑Cola HBC Serbia and Montenegro did not record any consumer complaints on the grounds of non-compliance with regulations and internal codes on product information. This is the best indicator of the success of the initiatives we have implemented in this area.

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Bringing added value

Our customers are our most important partners and are at the heart of everything we do.

Through our business strategy we are committed to winning with our customers. For example, we are trying to create a unified value added tax, based on profitability and growth, both for our company and for our customers.

Coca‑Cola HBC Serbia and Montenegro has five distribution centres and more than 37,000 customers - shops, restaurants, supermarkets, discount chains and other establishments that sell our products. In 2015, our customers rated us as their top supplier, which reaffirms that we are working together successfully, building strong, long-term partnerships. 

The success we have achieved is based primarily on constantly identifying customer needs and monitoring customer satisfaction. Within the company, we have created a team whose primary task is to keep improving relations with customers.

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Customer satisfaction survey - our biggest success so far!

Our customer satisfaction survey is conducted each year across every country in the Coca‑Cola HBC Group. Customers answer questions on the suppliers with whom they work, and the data obtained is are compared with results of other suppliers, and that way the best supplier is identified.

To our great pleasure, in the 2015 customer satisfaction survey Serbia managed to maintain its leading position among other countries - coming top for the fifth time in a row for customer satisfaction from the KA Authority and outlets. 

In 2015, we introduced a performance matrix as an experiment to evaluate our relationships with our partners. In this study, Serbia was one of the top countries in the Coca‑Cola HBC Group.

Taking into account all the changes in the market and the challenges we faced, we can say that this is the biggest success so far. Thanks to our strategy of continuously improving customer relations, again, we managed to be the No. 1 supplier according to our customers at every level.