Every employee of the Coca‑Cola system supports 11 additional jobs in the economy, which accounts for 0.6% of the workforce.

Belgrade, March 14th, 2017 - Coca‑Cola system generates 225 million of value added in the national economy, or 0.7 percent of gross domestic product, while each position in the company supports 11 additional jobs in the economy. For every euro that the system creates the  seven euros of added value is generated for the Serbian economy in the form of workers' wages, company profits and taxes from the Coca‑Cola system and companies that cooperates with, show the results of the latest study of the "Socio-economic impact of the Coca‑Cola system in Serbia "presented in cooperation with the Serbian chamber of Commerce.

Serbian budget earns a total of 9 million euros of direct tax revenue from the Coca‑Cola system, and as many as 139 million euros in tax revenues is supported across the entire value chain system, which amounts to 1.1% of total tax revenue in the country. The system directly employs 1,000 people and supports another 10,700 jobs across its value chain, a total of 11,700 jobs, which is 0.6 percent of the workforce in Serbia.

"The study confirms that successful performance and contribution to the economy achieve through excellent cooperation with our partners, employing local labor and investing in the community. At the same time, from year to year it confirms that our commitment and ambition are of great support to the broader economy and also the budget of Serbia, "said Aleksandar Ružević, General Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Serbia.

The study was done by the consulting company Steward Redqeen headed by Professor Ethan Kapstein, a renowned expert in the field of consulting and economic analysis. It is based on input-output model Vasilij Leontijefa, Nobel prize winner and provides an overview of the contribution of the Coca‑Cola system to the domestic economy through: employment, income and taxes. This is the third study by Coca‑Cola system and represents a continuation of the practice from 2011 and 2013 and was presented in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce by Professor Ivan Vujacic, of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade.

More about the direct cooperation with the Coca‑Cola system spoke the representatives of Papir print and Univerexport companie. They emphasized the importance of partnership for the promotion of business, as well as direct results of applying the highest standards in business.

 "For us as a local company the experience that we get from multinational companies operating in the marketplace in different countries are extremely important. Cooperation with the Coca‑Cola system as business partners is a partnership in which we see the fastest realization of innovations and setting of new trends. This is not only the case only in cooperation with us, but their influence is significant for the entire market, which is best reflected through the display of their impact. They are one of the few that are still pushing ahead and we are pleased that we are part of this concept, "said Vesna Vučurović, General manager of Univerexport.







Petar Obradovic, director of pressroom Paper Print spoke more about the major innovation,"By working with Coca‑Cola system we now operate in accordance with international standards. We use modern materials and technology, and our employees are trained from day to day. At the same time, this cooperation has made us more competitive and we develop our business successfully , "said Obradovic.

The presentation of the study was attended by numerous partners of the Coca‑Cola system and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce from the public, civil and corporate sector.