Sparkling Soft Drinks


Globally popular and beloved drinks Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Schweppes, Sprite and Fanta are the leading brands of our great offer. The inviolable and unique taste of strong brands makes us unique and unrepeatable on the market.

The carbonated drinks we offer provide top refreshment at every opportunity, an additional source of energy and a chance to take a break. The bubbles that give the carbonated drinks a sharp taste, make the moments of relaxation even more pleasant, providing a unique feeling. The 'sparkle' in soft drinks comes from a carbonation method that duplicates the natural processes that produce the same 'bubbly' effect in some mineral and spring waters.  

Our sparkling soft drinks come in many different flavors. 

People across our markets continue to enjoy our sparkling soft drinks brands as they look for interesting, flavorful drinks which will keep them refreshed and hydrated, helping them to maintain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. 


We offer consumers a broad choice between sugared, 'low sugar' and 'sugar-free' sparkling soft drinks in a diverse range of packaging that's designed to match today's diverse lifestyles.


Our evolving sparkling drinks portfolio is proving popular with consumers across our territories and we are seeing strong growth from new variant and flavour launches.

Sparkling beverage volume growth is fuelled by the volume growth of low- and no-sugar options, which is stimulating growth in the entire category. We are also driving packaging innovation with smaller, more convenient packages, which also serve to expand revenue per case.