By the Numbers

By the numbers

We combine the knowledge, resources and experience of The Coca‑Cola Company with our expertise in bottling, distribution and sales to create value as a team for our customers, consumers and the wider community.

Despite the difficult economic environment in Serbia, as well as in other markets where our Group operates, in 2015 we achieved good results and maintained a leading position, thanks to an established strategy and a firm commitment to our people. 


Total revenues in RSD (direct economic value
generated: revenues from sales, income from
use of with an increase in inventory value,
other income)


Total operating costs in RSD (distributed
economic value)


Expenditure related to employees in RSD
(distributed economic value)


Expenditure related to provision of capital in
RSD (distributed economic value)


Expenditure related to State obligations in
RSD (distributed economic value)


Expenditure related to the community in RSD
(distributed economic value)


Retained economic value in RSD
(investments, shares etc)