Coca-Cola Adventure

Coca‑Cola Adventure

Welcome to the Coca‑Cola Adventure! Prepare to experience the real stories behind the world’s most famous and most loved beverage brand. 

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About Our Plant Tour:

Have a look around and find out the highlights of the of the Coca Cola experience and the magic behind it’s creation. For starters, you can have a sneak peak at the production process below, and then take a look at the pictures and comments of our many happy visitors. Then sign up to experience it yourself! Enter the wonderful of Coca‑Cola...

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  • hildren from over 12 years old are allowed to visit the plant
  • Free info line number on which you can get more info - 0800 11 22 33
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Your Coca‑Cola Moments

Take a look trough a gallery of your most treasured Coca‑Cola Moments.


I was thrilled yesterday to visit a Coca‑Cola bottling plant for the first. What a treat it was to see the process from the onset of the pre-form bottles (in some cases) traveling down the filling line until the moment the final product is sealed for delivery, and ultimately returned, recycled and repeated (in other cases).


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