This year Coke Summership is held for the fifth year in a row. Only 25 candidates out of more than 1400 of them has managed to pass complex selection process, and they will have the chance to work for the 6 weeks of this program on real life projects in Coca‑Cola HBC Serbia with support of our mentors.

Working on real life projects is what most of ours trainees highlights as the most important part of the program. “I think that Summership offers unique opportunity for me to gain practical knowledge and skills, and that was the main reason why I applied for this.”, said Marija Jovanovic from marketing sector.

Trainees had opportunity to choose sector which suits them the best, and in agreement with our mentors they where singed with the projects on which they will be working during the internship. On the last day of the program Summershipers will present results of their work in front of managers of Coca‑Cola HBC Serbia.

“I would like to single out that my mentor, as well the rest of colleges, are very willing to give us they full attention and answer on all of our questions, and that meant really a lot to me”, Marija Zugic, one of our interns from supply chain sector, said about the program.

Except practical part, it’s planed that Summership should also have educational part. Each Friday trainees attend lectures and workshops on different subjects, from PR and techniques of public appearance to logistic and finances. Presentations are held only by professional trainers and our employees, so the quality could be on the highest level.

Outside of the working part of the program, we put an effort so our interns could fell the positive energy which we try to create among our employees. Because of that we organized parties and team building, so they could bring from this program, not only knowledge and experience, but also at least few friendships.

Until now more than 120 young people has attended Coke Summership program, and more than 40 of them got the full time job. This is just one of the projects that Coca‑Cola HBC Serbia organizes within our company policy for investing in education and development of young people.